Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sleeping disorder

We may not realize that sleep is as essential for your well-being as food and water. Occasional or frequent sleepless nights can affect our life, either the physical, mental or emotional aspect. Having deprived of enough sleep can affect how you perform in school or at the office, your relationship with other people and even your personality or health.

Insomnia (in-SOM-ne-ah) is a common condition in which you have trouble falling or staying asleep. This condition can range from mild to severe, depending on how often it occurs and for how long.

* Initial insomnia is when you find difficulty in sleeping and it takes you more than 30 minuted to sleep.
* Middle insomnia is when you have a problem in maintaining a sleep state and you'll often lie awake from night to the next morning
* Late insomnia is when you wake up early after less than 6 hours of sleep.

Need To Know:

Q: What is the right amount of sleep I should get?

A: Since everyone has different sleep needs, there is no "correct" amount of sleep. On average, most people need between seven and nine hours of good quality sleep each night in order to feel alert the next day. But some function perfectly well with only four or five hours a night. The key to healthy sleeping seems to be a consistent pattern, rather than the number of hours one sleeps.

Insomnia can be a symptom of another medical condition but it can also be due to the pattern of your sleep. The first step to fight insomnia is to establish a consistent bedtime routine that will enable natural sleep. So here are 10 room improvement suggestions to create a comfortable and sleep inducing atmosphere to achieve healthier sleep.

1. Room Temperature. Set the temperature according to your preference, you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night because it’s too hot or too cold. In an ideal world its better to have a cooler room temperature but you need to determine your own comfort level.

2. Check the windows. A slightly opened window can facilitate sleep since it allows proper room ventilation and additional air. This can help in your proper breathing.

3. Eliminate Noise. You can be sensitive on noise in and out of the bedroom that can distract your sleep, using ear plugs can help in this situation.

4. Light matters. Light can disrupt your sleep and can signal your body that it's morning and time to wake up. You should use dim lights or if possible make your bedroom as dark as possible. You can also try using eye mask to block interfering light.

5. Block the light. You can also use thick curtains or blinds to cover any source of extra light in your room.

6. Remove the clock. The sound of a ticking clock can be disturbing and you may often find yourself counting hours. Knowing that time is passing will make you feel stressed and this won't help you get a healthy sleep. You can use a digital clock as an alternative but make sure to remove it from your direct eye sight.

7. Remove distracting gadgets. Stimulants like television, computer, and radio can take your concentration off from sleeping. Make sure that you only use your bedroom for sleeping.

8. Find a comfortable mattress. Invest in a good and firm mattress that can provide you sufficient spinal support. It should be comfortable and big enough for you.

9. Pillows choice. Choose a pillow that suit your preference; it can be soft or firm as long as it gives proper support for your head.

10. Bedding & blankets. Provide crisp and clean bedding and a comfortable blanket.

Lifestyle changes, including better sleep habits, often help relieve acute insomnia. For chronic insomnia, your doctor may recommend a type of counseling called cognitive-behavioral therapy or medicines.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Bowl

Ready to operate, Highly Presentable, Competitive Pricing!
No Hidden Charges, No Royalty Fee!

Red Bowl is a Filipino Rice toppings serve in perfectly luscious catering!

SILVER PACKAGE (2FT.x3ft.X6ft.) P26,888 all in and ready to operate!

Red Bowl Products:

Java rice w/ egg and mixed veg plus a choice of toppings from:
  • Beef Terriyaki
  • Beef Tapa
  • Tocino
  • Sweet Ham
  • Siomai Rice
  • Beef mushroom

  • Your choice of Red Bowl Cart (Semi-Stainless/Collapsible)
  • 1 set of Equipment(Cooking Utensils and Containers)
  • Initial Stocks Inventory (product samplers)
  • Crew Uniform (T-Shirt and Apron)
  • Crew Training
  • Product Updates & Price List
  • Business Registration Seminar
  • Use of Trade Name & Logo
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Advertising Support and Sales Campaign
  • Marketing Paraphernalia
  • FREE E-loading Business and Accident Insurance worth Php50,000.00
 Steps to franchise:

    Step 1: Contact us and set a meeting to visit our offices.
    Step 2: Fill-up and submit a Franchise information sheet.
    Step 3: Submit 2 valid IDs and your proposed location (for approval).
    Step 4: Pay in-full the Franchise Package (cash, check or credit card).
    Step 5: Sign the Franchise Agreement.
    Step 6: Attend a Franchise Operation Seminar and Crew Training.
    Step 7: Schedule release, pick-up/delivery of franchise package.
    Step 8: Start of your foodcart operation.

*For Legal Matters, Proper Business orientation is required.* 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Develop a Strategic Entrepreneurial Mindset to Attract Success'by Shanna McFarlane

Fundamental No. 1

Developing an unassailable MINDSET – This is truly the beginning of all great things and without your MIND being at a certain place, you can expect to fail. Having the right mindset can blossom your life into creating abundance of whatever it is you desire. Most expect that the rich and successful is born with this mindset intact and while some probably are, you'll be relieved to know it can be developed!

I am providing you with 5 key strategies that you can use to develop and sustain an unassailable MINDSET. Remember, developing this type of mindset is not something that happens overnight; you must constantly work on your thoughts, the minute you put your thoughts on ‘down time' you are right back where you started.

Aspire to be like the Strategic Entrepreneurs that ‘see opportunities in their minds that others have missed with their eyes'. Remind yourself daily that your mind & thoughts are the most powerful things you own!

1. Always see the end results in mind – In order to achieve any meaningful level of success, you must have a plan, an objective of what you are working towards – you do not need to know how you are going to get there, just what it is you want to achieve!

2. Influence the subconscious mind by writing down your vision, how much in $$ figures or #'s you want to achieve – bring it to life by mediating on it daily, look at it, act as if IT IS in the present, instead of as if it's to come. Think it, write it, believe it, go for it & get it!

3. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals - People who share your vision, who have successfully done what you are trying to achieve, people that will inspire & empower you to go after your dreams. Listen to them; see how they think, how they operate, how they conduct business, what strategies they use, how they visualize situations. You'll be surprised at how quickly positive energy attracts (magnetic force); something will rub off on you!

4. Have a positive attitude – Without this you will miss out on key opportunities, a positive attitude will set you apart and position you for success in all areas of your life. Perspective is everything, there is always something positive in every given situation, it just depends on what angle you're viewing it from!

5. Get a Coach or a Mentor – This person will hold you accountable to your objectives, they can show you how to leverage your strengths and how to grow in the areas that you need to improve. They will be able to point things out to you that you wouldn't identify in yourself. This person could be a paid professional or a friend/family member as long as you are confident they have your best interest at hand & shares your vision!

It takes time; be patient, persistent, be consistent through the process and most important, remember it is lifetime commitment!!

To your Success!

About Shanna McFarlane:
Shanna McFarlane is the Founder & President of SMIC; she is well-known author, poet, very successful real estate entrepreneur, visionary strategist, innovator, business mentor and a true Renaissance woman.

Rainbow Juicer

Ready to operate, Highly Presentable, Competitive Pricing!
No Hidden Charges, No Royalty Fee! 

Rainbow Juicer is a thirst quencher that captures the taste of every Juan!

SILVER PACKAGE (2FT.x3ft.X6ft.) P26,888 all in and ready to operate!

Rainbow Juicer Products:
  • Red Tea Sago
  • Sago Gulaman
  • Melon Sago
  • Coffee on Jelly
  • Mango Sago
  • Halo-Halo Sago
  • Pandan Sago
  • Your choice of Rainbow Juicer Cart (Semi-Stainless/Collapsible)
  • 1 set of Equipment (Acrylic Juice dispenser, Ladle, Plastic Ware)
  • Initial Stocks Inventory (product samplers)
  • Crew Uniform (T-Shirt and Apron)
  • Crew Training
  • Product Updates & Price List
  • Business Registration Seminar
  • Use of Trade Name & Logo
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Advertising Support and Sales Campaign
  • Marketing Paraphernalia
  • FREE E-loading Business and Accident Insurance worth Php50,000.00
 Steps to franchise:

    Step 1: Contact us and set a meeting to visit our offices.
    Step 2: Fill-up and submit a Franchise information sheet.
    Step 3: Submit 2 valid IDs and your proposed location (for approval).
    Step 4: Pay in-full the Franchise Package (cash, check or credit card).
    Step 5: Sign the Franchise Agreement.
    Step 6: Attend a Franchise Operation Seminar and Crew Training.
    Step 7: Schedule release, pick-up/delivery of franchise package.
    Step 8: Start of your foodcart operation.

*For Legal Matters, Proper Business orientation is required.* 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jack's Balls

Ready to operate, Highly Presentable, Competitive Pricing!
No Hidden Charges, No Royalty Fee!

Jack’s ball is the all time Filipino favorite “street foods” that are now being serve from mall kiosk in a very affordable and elegant way.
SILVER PACKAGE (2FT.x3ft.X6ft.) P26,888 all in and ready to operate!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinoy Pao

Ready to operate, Highly Presentable, Competitive Pricing!
No Hidden Charges, No Royalty Fee!

Pinoy Pao offers a wide variety of delicious siopao and siomai in a very reasonable price!

SILVER PACKAGE (2FT.x3ft.X6ft.) P26,888 all in and ready to operate!

Pinoy Pao Products:

  • Pinoy Pao Asado
  • Pinoy Pao Bola-Bola
  • Chicken Adobo Special
  • Chicken Bola Special
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Emperor Pao
  • Dragon Pao
  • Pinoy pao Choco (Tiny)
  • Sweet Pao (Ube/Mongo)
  • Pork
  • Sharksfin
  • Shrimp
  • Pork Mushroom
  • Kani Crab
  • Chili Crab
  • Beef

  • Your choice of Pinoy Pao Cart (Semi-Stainless/Collapsible)
  • 1 set of Equipment(Cooking Utensils and Containers)
  • Initial Stocks Inventory (product samplers)
  • Crew Uniform (T-Shirt and Apron)
  • Crew Training
  • Product Updates & Price List
  • Business Registration Seminar
  • Use of Trade Name & Logo
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Advertising Support and Sales Campaign
  • Marketing Paraphernalia
  • FREE E-loading Business and Accident Insurance worth Php50,000.00
 Steps to franchise:

    Step 1: Contact us and set a meeting to visit our offices.
    Step 2: Fill-up and submit a Franchise information sheet.
    Step 3: Submit 2 valid IDs and your proposed location (for approval).
    Step 4: Pay in-full the Franchise Package (cash, check or credit card).
    Step 5: Sign the Franchise Agreement.
    Step 6: Attend a Franchise Operation Seminar and Crew Training.
    Step 7: Schedule release, pick-up/delivery of franchise package.
    Step 8: Start of your foodcart operation.

*For Legal Matters, Proper Business orientation is required.* 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is Franchising?

What is Franchising?
Franchising is defined as a form of marketing and distribution in which the franchisor grants to an individual or company the right to run a business selling a product or providing a service under the franchisor's business format and identified by the franchisor's trademark or brand.
What is a Franchisor?
The franchisor owns the overall rights and trademarks of the company and allows its franchisees to use these rights and trademarks to do business. The franchisor usually charges the franchisee an upfront franchise fee for the rights to do business under the franchise name. In addition, the franchisor usually collects an ongoing franchise royalty fee from the franchisee.

***A royalty fee is a set amount of money that a business franchise owner must pay to be part of a franchise system. Usually, the fee is calculated as a percentage of gross or net sales and it is paid weekly, monthly or quarterly. The fees cover the privilege of using the franchise's brand and the money is typically used to help the franchisor (or parent company of the franchise) offset administrative and support functions.

What is franchisee?
An individual who purchases and runs a franchise is called a "franchisee." The franchisee purchases a franchise from the "franchisor." The franchisee must follow certain rules and guidelines already established by the franchisor, and in most cases the franchisee must pay an ongoing franchise royalty fee, as well as an up-front, one-time franchise fee to the franchisor. Franchising has become one of the most popular ways of doing business in today's marketplace. In most states you cannot drive three blocks without seeing a nationally recognized franchise company.

Businesses for which franchising work best have one or several of the following characteristics:

  • Ø  A good track record of profitability.
  • Ø  Easily duplicated.
  • Ø  Detailed systems, processes and procedures.
  • Ø  Around a unique or unusual concept.
  • Ø  Broad geographic appeal.
  • Ø  Relatively easy to operate.
  • Ø  Relatively inexpensive to operate.

As practiced in retailing, franchising offers franchisees the advantage of starting up quickly based on a proven trademark, and the tooling and infrastructure as opposed to developing them.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Should You Meditate?

Every mind needs a little idle time. We all need time to focus on one task, instead of multi-tasking all day and night. In reality, the mind does not take complete rest during sleep. Our mind moves from dream to dream for about two hours a night and thus remains in an unstable condition for long.

Our mind needs some vacations for relaxation. Have you ever noticed that when you take a vacation, you return with new ideas, new feelings with a better approach, and establish clear priorities? This is a result of getting some time to relax and reflect on your life. The time lets you think clearly, positively and effectively.

Our trouble stems from being so busy that we lose feel within innerself. We fill our time with too many activities to achieve our task. Companies do this with their employees, but we deliberately do it to ourselves. You have the skills to take control of your own life, and the resolution is as simple as daily meditation sessions.

Answers to problems are within us, but many of us do not want to look in depth for fear of what we know ourselves. It 's always easier to blame forces outside of our problems. However, the closure of external distractions and listening to our inner voice is a natural medicine.

Who knows? You can actually find yourself and your identity. This may lead you to make changes and put ideas into practice. All this progress could be made after you make a "meditation" with you. It takes only 20-30 minutes per day for a short meditation session.

There has never been a better time to meditate than right now. People are so "happening" these days, the only time they stop when they are sick. The problem is how people are going to be busy in next 20 years? Now you see why having downtime is so important.

Information on meditation techniques are widely available in books, DVDs and CDs. You do not have to join a monastery, and live by a strict moral code, with a multitude of rules, but you need self-discipline to follow a daily practice.

Curiousity - self-discipline, alone, will keep the masses out of this ancient practice that has survived a battery of tests and modern inspection. It's amazing when you think about the reward of self-control, satisfaction, and care, resulting from the daily practice of meditation.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Understanding Depression

Recession, inflation, climate change, natural calamities, and terrorism--the combination of these global problems may just be the reason for the increase in the number of people suffering from depression. Add to that advances in technology that have virtually made real-world social interactions obsolete, and we get the modern-world’s depression equation.

Depression is a disease that remains to baffle scientists and researchers. There are countless theories that hope to explain this phenomenon of the human mind and all of them give plausible explanations.

Medically, depression is considered a disease, reasoning that it is due to an imbalance in neurotransmitters (substances that transmit signals from the body to the brain) or because of a poor diet leading to an imbalance in vitamins and minerals.

Psychologically, depression is a result of traumatic events that may come in the form of a loss in the family or the presence of a serious disease or illness.

The good news is, many health professionals assert that depression as a disease is treatable.

Untreated depression can lead to many undesirable behaviors -- from oversleeping and over-eating to self-flagellation and even suicide. Even minor depression could affect one’s productivity at work and relationships, that is why once identified, depression must be treated with professional help.

However, there are ways that could help one cope with depression and a strong support group, family and peers, plays and integral part in this.

Keeping a positive outlook on life’s events would also help minimize the occurrence of depression. This can be accomplished by understanding one’s mind and realizing one’s purpose and goals. Yoga and meditation helps promote positive thinking.

A balanced vegetarian diet can also help battle depression. Meat eaters consume large amounts of protein, which is found to prevent the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin, known as the body’s “good mood hormone.” It should be noted that of all the essential amino acids, only tryptophan can be converted into serotonin. Because of the low amount of serotonin in the body, there is an increased likelihood that one would easily experience depression.

Ironically, tryptophan is present in high-protein food including red meat. However, it should not be misconstrued that because of the high levels of tryptophan in meat it follows that serotonin levels would be elevated. On the contrary, studies show that consumption of too much protein decreases the level of conversion of tryptophan to serotonin.

In addition, there are also countless procedures used in the treatment of depression, although medical professionals would agree that the disease can be treated by complementing anti-depressant medication with psychotherapy sessions and family counseling.

However, before any treatment can be made, the patient must first be able to accept and recognize his condition.

The National Institute of Mental Health has identified the following to be symptoms of depression: Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood; feelings of hopelessness, pessimism; feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness; loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities; decreased energy, fatigue, being “slowed down”; difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions; difficulty sleeping, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping; appetite and/or weight changes; thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts; restlessness, irritability; and persistent physical symptoms.

These symptoms may not necessarily be experienced as a whole. Some would experience just a few while others suffer several of these symptoms. The NIMH advices that should these symptoms be observed, a professional healthcare provider should be sought.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gas Saving - Tips And Tricks by Jaree Ullah

With the augmenting prices of gasoline these days, managing fuel costs has become quite difficult for an ordinary man. However, one cannot keep the costs under control; he may go along with a few gas saving tips and tricks to improve the fuel consumption.

The first gas saving tip is associated with the car engine. Revving engine before turning it off should be avoided as it results in the expenditure of fuel. Moreover, idling the engine for prolonged durations has a negative affect on the fuel consumption. Warming up the engine for 35-40 seconds is advisable for saving gas.
Buying the gas skillfully may also contribute towards the recovery of the fuel cost problem. Gasoline should be purchased during early morning or evening because of being highly dense at the respective times. Furthermore, it should not be filled to the top of tank as it results in spilling over, thus draining a considerable amount of gasoline.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What you need to know about BlackBerry Curve Phones by ATV

It is with no doubt that the BlackBerry Curve phones have become very popular by carving a very unique niche for themselves in the mobile phones industry. This is why many people are rushing to get these devices - so that they do not feel left out. However, when you choose to purchase this phone it is significant to understand the features that it has and its general functionality. This is important in determining whether you need the phone in the first place or not. In other words, you should ensure that you have assessed your needs so that you do not end up paying a lot of money for a device that you do not necessarily need. In general, professionals, business people and students are the ones that usually benefit most from this phone, as they require most of its features.
The BlackBerry Curve is a phone that has been designed in such a manner that it gives you the best user experience ever. Apart from this, it has a very sleek design that is stylish and appropriate for both ladies and gentlemen. It is very effective to conduct business with this phone, because it has the best office features that you can get on a mobile device. The office features that are included in this phone are Excel, PowerPoint and Word, which have made this phone the best choice amongst professionals who wish to conduct their affairs in an efficient manner while on the move. The Bluetooth feature also enables you to transfer details such as office files, music and photos in an easier manner. In addition to this, you will also be able to enjoy yourself should boredom threaten to kick in while you are just relaxing at home. This phone has a multimedia application that has been improved to give you better access to the MP3 Player, camera, the internet and a video camera, without using up the life of the battery fast.
In my own opinion, this model is superior to most other BlackBerry models like the BlackBerry Torch or BlackBerry Bold 9700 phone, for example. Different people usually have different tastes and preferences, so this sentiment might not be applicable in another person's view. However, the BlackBerry Curve is a phone that is very sleek and fits into a pocket very well. There is actually no need for you to use a hip holster as your pocket will suffice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Is Disk Defragmentation? by Zfj

There is a utility given in the Microsoft Windows named as Disk Defragmenter which is designed for maximizing the access speed, it rearranges the relevant data files stored on the disk for occupying associated storages. This process is known as defragmentation. It can be describes as the process of consolidating the fragmented files which are on the PC's hard disk.
This process happens on the hard disk when you save, change or delete any file. When you make any changes to a file they are stored usually at the location which is different from the original file location. With time the file and the hard disk both are fragmented and the computer speed slows down because it looks in different paths and location to open the required file. It can be done for computer maintenance work as many firms offer this service.
It is a tool which rearranges data from hard disk and then combines them into fragmented files. It makes your computer to run more conveniently. With this Windows version it runs with a predefined schedule and you don't need to run it again and again but its schedule can be changed. Since it is a tool and also used as a service most of the PC maintenance services providers use it. We can check the process of disk defragmentation as follows:
a) Firstly click the Start Button, in the search box type it and click on it from the given results.
b) A box will open showing the different disks, click on the disk you want to defragment.
c) First check whether the disk should be defragmented or now click Analyze disk. If it required for an administrator password provide the confirmation.
d) When it finished analyzing the disk you can check the percentage of the fragmentation in the last run column. The disk can be fragmented if the percentage is above ten percent.
It might take some minutes to hours to complete the process and it depends on the size of the disk as well as the number of the fragmented files. If any volume is not to displaying in the select disk dialog box and it has to be defragmented then it should be done manually.
It is an important work that must be done at a regular interval in order to prevent the risk of complete system failure or physical damage to the hard drive.
Fateh Kumar singh as a Business Development Associate of ProVal Technologies (managed IT services provider Company). He is continuously providing updates about technical services like Server Management and other IT support by his writings.
Article Source: http://xmasgiftboxes.com/

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MSoft Excel tips ands tricks

How to add an image watermark with Excel 2007 / 2010.

1. Open the Excel document that you want to add a watermark image.
2. Select the "Insert" tab from the top menu, then in the "Text" group, select "Header & Footer".
3. Excel should switch to Page Layout view, and the cursor will be moved to the center top of the page.
4. On the "Design" Tab, in the group "Header & Footer elements", select "Picture".
5. Navigate to the folder where your watermark image is located, then select the image and click "Insert".
6. A text "[Picture]" is now placed in the middle box of the header.
7. To move the picture down on the page, click on the header and place the cursor before the text "[Picture]", then press Enter a few times.
8. You can view the watermark either on the "Print Preview" or click on any cell of the document.

 *** Here are some useful keys for those people who spend most of there working time with excel.

Shortcut   Description
F2  Edit the selected cell.
F5  Go to a specific cell. For example, G7.
F7  Spell check selected text and/or document.
F11  Create chart.
Ctrl + A  Select all.
Ctrl + B  Bold.
Ctrl + C  Copy.
Ctrl + F  Find (same as Shift + F5).
Ctrl + G  Go To.
Ctrl + H  Replace.
Ctrl + I  Italic.
Ctrl + K  Insert link.
Ctrl + N  New Workbook.
Ctrl + O  Open Workbook.
Ctrl + P  Print dialog.
Ctrl + S  Save.
Ctrl + U  Underline.
Ctrl + V  Paste.
Ctrl + Z  Undo.
Ctrl + Y  Redo.
Ctrl + X  Cut.
Ctrl + 5  Strike through text.
Ctrl + F3  Define Name.
Ctrl + F4  Exit Excel.
Ctrl + F6  Switch between open workbooks.
Ctrl + F9  Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10  Maximize current window.
Shift + F1  Activate Help on Item.
Shift + F2  Insert Comments
Shift + F3  Insert Function.
Ctrl + Shift + ;  Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ;  Enter the current date.
Ctrl + Page down  Move to next worksheet.
Ctrl + Page up  Move to previous worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + #  Number Format: Date
Ctrl + Shift + @  Number Format: Time.
Ctrl + Shift + !  Number Format: Commas.
Ctrl + Shift + $  Number Format: Currency
Ctrl + Shift + %  Number Format: Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^  Number Format: Scientific.
Ctrl + Space  Select entire column.
Shift + Space  Select entire row.
Ctrl + (Arrow key)  Move to next section.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Windows tricks: Lock a Folder in Windows XP

If you are working in a shifting schedule in a company which operates in 24 hours, having individual computer might be a little impossible.Of course we understand that the majority of the employers are practically wise..And as a result you are not guaranteed that no one will make use of the same computer that you are using.So one best remedy to keep your files private is to hide it and keep it protected.I will show you and will essentially teach you how to do it right.

To Lock a folder in windows XP without any software. Follow the steps below.

    1. Make a Folder in C drive and rename it as "magic" (or your desired file name) without quotes.
    2. Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu. Click on RUN then type ”cmd” without quotes.
    3. Type "attrib +s +h C:\magic" without quotes and press enter... Just take extra caution to keep in mind  your file name!
  •     This command will make your folder invisible and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folders
    4. To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\magic"
    5. You can also lock any other folder by changing the location C:\magic to address of your folder.

---=== get your files protected now ===---

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MSoft Game Tricks

 Solitaire: Instant Win
   1. Press Alt + Shift + 2 to instantly win
Solitaire: Draw only 1 card (instead of 3)
   1. Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift then click on unopen cards to draw.

FreeCell: Instant Win
   1. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 while playing, then click Abort.
   2. Now move one card.
FreeCell: Hidden Game Modes
   1. Go to "Game" menu choose "Select Game"
   2. Here you can choose from game mode 1 to 1,000,000. But -1 and -2 will also work (hidden modes)

Hearts: Show All Card
   1. Warning! this requires a modification on your registry. Be sure you follow the steps carefully. Damage your registry might damage your Windows. Open the "Registry Editor" by: "Start" >> "Run" then type "regedit" and press Enter
   2. Expand to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Hearts
   3. Right-click on the right panel and create a new String value with the name "ZB"
   4. Double-click to open this key "ZB" to edit its value. Then enter "42" and close the Registry Editor.
   5. Start Hearts and Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 to show all the cards 

Minesweeper: Stop The Timer
   1. When you start to play a new game, the timer is ticking...
   2. Press Windows Key + D to show desktop.
   3. Now come back to the game by selecting it from the taskbar. The timer is stopped. 

   1. Unlimited Balls: Type bmax at a new game then press Enter to get unlimited balls (no notification).
   2. Extra Balls: Type 1max at a new game then press Enter to get extra balls.
   3. Gravity Well: Type gmax at a new game then press Enter to activate Gravity Well.
   4. Promotion: Type rmax at a new game or while playing to get instant promotion and raising rank.
   5. Extra points with partial shots: Partially shot the ball just to pass the yellow light bars. There are 6 bars. With the first bar, you'll get 15,000 points, 2nd: 30,000,...
   6. Extra points with partial shots: Partially shot the ball just to pass the yellow light bars. There are 6 bars. With the first bar, you'll get 15,000 points, 2nd: 30,000,...
   7. Test Mode: Type hidden test with a new ball or new game then press Enter. Now you can use your mouse to drag and move the ball where you want. 

---===Try it out===---

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Surf Your Facebook Account Without Your Boss Knowing!

Facebook addict? Are you one of those people who will try anything just to stay connected in their Facebook account? Well, this topic may lend a hand on you.

I recently discovered this website HardlyWork.in (http://www.hardlywork.in/) which allows you to check your Facebook’s Newsfeed without rousing suspicion at work.

It disguises your Newsfeed as an Excel spreadsheet. This way you can check your Facebook anytime without anybody’s knowledge that you are actually accessing your account. In fact, you might even be commended for putting in extra hours in improving your Excel skills…lolz

All you need to do is to allow the site to access your Facebook account and the deception begins.
All the logos and pictures will be replaced with words and numbers on a spreadsheet.

 Plus, the site is accessible in many companies that blocks the access to the actual Facebook page. 

However, you may need to exercise a few caution. Surfing over comments and Likes may cause some thumbnail previews to pop out. And hovering over someone’s name causes a graphic preview to be displayed.And if you want to take the excitement a step further, you can even browse through photo albums. Just keep in mind to stay vigilant though, your co-worker might catch you viewing photos and could blow your cover very soon.

For your added protection, you may activate a “BossKey”. This ingenious feature acts as an emergency kill switch. When you pressed the space bar, a serious-looking spreadsheet filled with apparently important numbers are called up.

Nevertheless, with this newfound knowledge, you can now face the workday not only working hard, but slacking smart as well.

 ---=== Have a nice day ===---

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Google+ Project

Google has just launched it's Social Networking Service Google+.


Hope this doesn't turn out to be another Google wave...

What makes it fascinating is that in here you can create niche “circles” (groups) for specific purposes. Unlike Facebook, you don't have to accept all "friends" into one large network and share information that at times may be irrelevant to many of them. Once you have created a ”circles”, you can actually talk anything under the sun without your other friends or family knowing about it and you can easily exchange pictures or information without the need of a Private Message.

It also has "hangouts" feature that allows you to video chat with up to 10 people at once. Not like Facebook's new video chat feature, which requires you to initiate a call, Google Plus lets you tell specific people or entire circles that you are "hanging out" and invite them to join you for a face-to-face chat. Google plus “Hangouts” feature also foster group video chats so that you can enjoy a group conference.

And in just a matter of days Google Plus has become one of the top 10 referrers of traffic to TechCrunch, a top technology blog.

Very interesting project for Google...

---===Try it now===---

Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows Xp Tips And Tricks


To run any of these apps go to Start > Run and type the executable name, for example: charmap.exe

1. Character Map = charmap.exe (very useful for finding unusual characters)

2. Disk Cleanup = cleanmgr.exe

3. Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd.exe (views contents of Windows clipboard)

4. Dr Watson = drwtsn32.exe (Troubleshooting tool)

5. DirectX diagnosis = dxdiag.exe (Diagnose & test DirectX, video & sound cards)

6. Private character editor = eudcedit.exe (allows creation or modification of characters)

7. IExpress Wizard = iexpress.exe (Create self-extracting / self-installing package)

8. Mcft Synchronization Manager = mobsync.exe (appears to allow synchronization of files on the network for when working offline. Apparently undocumented).

9. Windows Media Player 5.1 = mplay32.exe (Retro version of Media Player, very basic).

10. ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32.exe (something to do with databases)

11. Object Packager = packager.exe (to do with packaging objects for insertion in files, appears to have comprehensive help files).

12. System Monitor = perfmon.exe (very useful, highly configurable tool, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about any aspect of PC performance, for uber-geeks only )

13. Program Manager = progman.exe (Legacy Windows 3.x desktop shell).

14. Remote Access phone book = rasphone.exe (documentation is virtually non-existant).

15. Registry Editor = regedt32.exe [also regedit.exe] (for hacking the Windows Registry).

16. Network shared folder wizard = shrpubw.exe (creates shared folders on network).

17. File signature verification tool = sigverif.exe

18. Volume Control = sndvol32.exe (I've included this for those people that lose it from the System Notification area).

19. System Configuration Editor = sysedit.exe (modify System.ini & Win.ini just like in Win98! ).

20. Syskey = syskey.exe (Secures XP Account database - use with care, it's virtually undocumented but it appears to encrypt all passwords, I'm not sure of the full implications).

21. Mcft Telnet Client = telnet.exe

22. Driver Verifier Manager = verifier.exe (seems to be a utility for monitoring the actions of drivers, might be useful for people having driver problems. Undocumented).

23. Windows for Workgroups Chat = winchat.exe (appears to be an old NT utility to allow chat sessions over a LAN, help files available).

24. System configuration = msconfig.exe (can use to control startup programs)

25. gpedit.msc used to manage group policies, and permissions