Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Develop a Strategic Entrepreneurial Mindset to Attract Success'by Shanna McFarlane

Fundamental No. 1

Developing an unassailable MINDSET – This is truly the beginning of all great things and without your MIND being at a certain place, you can expect to fail. Having the right mindset can blossom your life into creating abundance of whatever it is you desire. Most expect that the rich and successful is born with this mindset intact and while some probably are, you'll be relieved to know it can be developed!

I am providing you with 5 key strategies that you can use to develop and sustain an unassailable MINDSET. Remember, developing this type of mindset is not something that happens overnight; you must constantly work on your thoughts, the minute you put your thoughts on ‘down time' you are right back where you started.

Aspire to be like the Strategic Entrepreneurs that ‘see opportunities in their minds that others have missed with their eyes'. Remind yourself daily that your mind & thoughts are the most powerful things you own!

1. Always see the end results in mind – In order to achieve any meaningful level of success, you must have a plan, an objective of what you are working towards – you do not need to know how you are going to get there, just what it is you want to achieve!

2. Influence the subconscious mind by writing down your vision, how much in $$ figures or #'s you want to achieve – bring it to life by mediating on it daily, look at it, act as if IT IS in the present, instead of as if it's to come. Think it, write it, believe it, go for it & get it!

3. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals - People who share your vision, who have successfully done what you are trying to achieve, people that will inspire & empower you to go after your dreams. Listen to them; see how they think, how they operate, how they conduct business, what strategies they use, how they visualize situations. You'll be surprised at how quickly positive energy attracts (magnetic force); something will rub off on you!

4. Have a positive attitude – Without this you will miss out on key opportunities, a positive attitude will set you apart and position you for success in all areas of your life. Perspective is everything, there is always something positive in every given situation, it just depends on what angle you're viewing it from!

5. Get a Coach or a Mentor – This person will hold you accountable to your objectives, they can show you how to leverage your strengths and how to grow in the areas that you need to improve. They will be able to point things out to you that you wouldn't identify in yourself. This person could be a paid professional or a friend/family member as long as you are confident they have your best interest at hand & shares your vision!

It takes time; be patient, persistent, be consistent through the process and most important, remember it is lifetime commitment!!

To your Success!

About Shanna McFarlane:
Shanna McFarlane is the Founder & President of SMIC; she is well-known author, poet, very successful real estate entrepreneur, visionary strategist, innovator, business mentor and a true Renaissance woman.

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