Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MSoft Excel tips ands tricks

How to add an image watermark with Excel 2007 / 2010.

1. Open the Excel document that you want to add a watermark image.
2. Select the "Insert" tab from the top menu, then in the "Text" group, select "Header & Footer".
3. Excel should switch to Page Layout view, and the cursor will be moved to the center top of the page.
4. On the "Design" Tab, in the group "Header & Footer elements", select "Picture".
5. Navigate to the folder where your watermark image is located, then select the image and click "Insert".
6. A text "[Picture]" is now placed in the middle box of the header.
7. To move the picture down on the page, click on the header and place the cursor before the text "[Picture]", then press Enter a few times.
8. You can view the watermark either on the "Print Preview" or click on any cell of the document.

 *** Here are some useful keys for those people who spend most of there working time with excel.

Shortcut   Description
F2  Edit the selected cell.
F5  Go to a specific cell. For example, G7.
F7  Spell check selected text and/or document.
F11  Create chart.
Ctrl + A  Select all.
Ctrl + B  Bold.
Ctrl + C  Copy.
Ctrl + F  Find (same as Shift + F5).
Ctrl + G  Go To.
Ctrl + H  Replace.
Ctrl + I  Italic.
Ctrl + K  Insert link.
Ctrl + N  New Workbook.
Ctrl + O  Open Workbook.
Ctrl + P  Print dialog.
Ctrl + S  Save.
Ctrl + U  Underline.
Ctrl + V  Paste.
Ctrl + Z  Undo.
Ctrl + Y  Redo.
Ctrl + X  Cut.
Ctrl + 5  Strike through text.
Ctrl + F3  Define Name.
Ctrl + F4  Exit Excel.
Ctrl + F6  Switch between open workbooks.
Ctrl + F9  Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10  Maximize current window.
Shift + F1  Activate Help on Item.
Shift + F2  Insert Comments
Shift + F3  Insert Function.
Ctrl + Shift + ;  Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ;  Enter the current date.
Ctrl + Page down  Move to next worksheet.
Ctrl + Page up  Move to previous worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + #  Number Format: Date
Ctrl + Shift + @  Number Format: Time.
Ctrl + Shift + !  Number Format: Commas.
Ctrl + Shift + $  Number Format: Currency
Ctrl + Shift + %  Number Format: Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^  Number Format: Scientific.
Ctrl + Space  Select entire column.
Shift + Space  Select entire row.
Ctrl + (Arrow key)  Move to next section.