Friday, August 19, 2011

Gas Saving - Tips And Tricks by Jaree Ullah

With the augmenting prices of gasoline these days, managing fuel costs has become quite difficult for an ordinary man. However, one cannot keep the costs under control; he may go along with a few gas saving tips and tricks to improve the fuel consumption.

The first gas saving tip is associated with the car engine. Revving engine before turning it off should be avoided as it results in the expenditure of fuel. Moreover, idling the engine for prolonged durations has a negative affect on the fuel consumption. Warming up the engine for 35-40 seconds is advisable for saving gas.
Buying the gas skillfully may also contribute towards the recovery of the fuel cost problem. Gasoline should be purchased during early morning or evening because of being highly dense at the respective times. Furthermore, it should not be filled to the top of tank as it results in spilling over, thus draining a considerable amount of gasoline.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What you need to know about BlackBerry Curve Phones by ATV

It is with no doubt that the BlackBerry Curve phones have become very popular by carving a very unique niche for themselves in the mobile phones industry. This is why many people are rushing to get these devices - so that they do not feel left out. However, when you choose to purchase this phone it is significant to understand the features that it has and its general functionality. This is important in determining whether you need the phone in the first place or not. In other words, you should ensure that you have assessed your needs so that you do not end up paying a lot of money for a device that you do not necessarily need. In general, professionals, business people and students are the ones that usually benefit most from this phone, as they require most of its features.
The BlackBerry Curve is a phone that has been designed in such a manner that it gives you the best user experience ever. Apart from this, it has a very sleek design that is stylish and appropriate for both ladies and gentlemen. It is very effective to conduct business with this phone, because it has the best office features that you can get on a mobile device. The office features that are included in this phone are Excel, PowerPoint and Word, which have made this phone the best choice amongst professionals who wish to conduct their affairs in an efficient manner while on the move. The Bluetooth feature also enables you to transfer details such as office files, music and photos in an easier manner. In addition to this, you will also be able to enjoy yourself should boredom threaten to kick in while you are just relaxing at home. This phone has a multimedia application that has been improved to give you better access to the MP3 Player, camera, the internet and a video camera, without using up the life of the battery fast.
In my own opinion, this model is superior to most other BlackBerry models like the BlackBerry Torch or BlackBerry Bold 9700 phone, for example. Different people usually have different tastes and preferences, so this sentiment might not be applicable in another person's view. However, the BlackBerry Curve is a phone that is very sleek and fits into a pocket very well. There is actually no need for you to use a hip holster as your pocket will suffice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Is Disk Defragmentation? by Zfj

There is a utility given in the Microsoft Windows named as Disk Defragmenter which is designed for maximizing the access speed, it rearranges the relevant data files stored on the disk for occupying associated storages. This process is known as defragmentation. It can be describes as the process of consolidating the fragmented files which are on the PC's hard disk.
This process happens on the hard disk when you save, change or delete any file. When you make any changes to a file they are stored usually at the location which is different from the original file location. With time the file and the hard disk both are fragmented and the computer speed slows down because it looks in different paths and location to open the required file. It can be done for computer maintenance work as many firms offer this service.
It is a tool which rearranges data from hard disk and then combines them into fragmented files. It makes your computer to run more conveniently. With this Windows version it runs with a predefined schedule and you don't need to run it again and again but its schedule can be changed. Since it is a tool and also used as a service most of the PC maintenance services providers use it. We can check the process of disk defragmentation as follows:
a) Firstly click the Start Button, in the search box type it and click on it from the given results.
b) A box will open showing the different disks, click on the disk you want to defragment.
c) First check whether the disk should be defragmented or now click Analyze disk. If it required for an administrator password provide the confirmation.
d) When it finished analyzing the disk you can check the percentage of the fragmentation in the last run column. The disk can be fragmented if the percentage is above ten percent.
It might take some minutes to hours to complete the process and it depends on the size of the disk as well as the number of the fragmented files. If any volume is not to displaying in the select disk dialog box and it has to be defragmented then it should be done manually.
It is an important work that must be done at a regular interval in order to prevent the risk of complete system failure or physical damage to the hard drive.
Fateh Kumar singh as a Business Development Associate of ProVal Technologies (managed IT services provider Company). He is continuously providing updates about technical services like Server Management and other IT support by his writings.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MSoft Excel tips ands tricks

How to add an image watermark with Excel 2007 / 2010.

1. Open the Excel document that you want to add a watermark image.
2. Select the "Insert" tab from the top menu, then in the "Text" group, select "Header & Footer".
3. Excel should switch to Page Layout view, and the cursor will be moved to the center top of the page.
4. On the "Design" Tab, in the group "Header & Footer elements", select "Picture".
5. Navigate to the folder where your watermark image is located, then select the image and click "Insert".
6. A text "[Picture]" is now placed in the middle box of the header.
7. To move the picture down on the page, click on the header and place the cursor before the text "[Picture]", then press Enter a few times.
8. You can view the watermark either on the "Print Preview" or click on any cell of the document.

 *** Here are some useful keys for those people who spend most of there working time with excel.

Shortcut   Description
F2  Edit the selected cell.
F5  Go to a specific cell. For example, G7.
F7  Spell check selected text and/or document.
F11  Create chart.
Ctrl + A  Select all.
Ctrl + B  Bold.
Ctrl + C  Copy.
Ctrl + F  Find (same as Shift + F5).
Ctrl + G  Go To.
Ctrl + H  Replace.
Ctrl + I  Italic.
Ctrl + K  Insert link.
Ctrl + N  New Workbook.
Ctrl + O  Open Workbook.
Ctrl + P  Print dialog.
Ctrl + S  Save.
Ctrl + U  Underline.
Ctrl + V  Paste.
Ctrl + Z  Undo.
Ctrl + Y  Redo.
Ctrl + X  Cut.
Ctrl + 5  Strike through text.
Ctrl + F3  Define Name.
Ctrl + F4  Exit Excel.
Ctrl + F6  Switch between open workbooks.
Ctrl + F9  Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10  Maximize current window.
Shift + F1  Activate Help on Item.
Shift + F2  Insert Comments
Shift + F3  Insert Function.
Ctrl + Shift + ;  Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ;  Enter the current date.
Ctrl + Page down  Move to next worksheet.
Ctrl + Page up  Move to previous worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + #  Number Format: Date
Ctrl + Shift + @  Number Format: Time.
Ctrl + Shift + !  Number Format: Commas.
Ctrl + Shift + $  Number Format: Currency
Ctrl + Shift + %  Number Format: Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^  Number Format: Scientific.
Ctrl + Space  Select entire column.
Shift + Space  Select entire row.
Ctrl + (Arrow key)  Move to next section.