Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Surf Your Facebook Account Without Your Boss Knowing!

Facebook addict? Are you one of those people who will try anything just to stay connected in their Facebook account? Well, this topic may lend a hand on you.

I recently discovered this website ( which allows you to check your Facebook’s Newsfeed without rousing suspicion at work.

It disguises your Newsfeed as an Excel spreadsheet. This way you can check your Facebook anytime without anybody’s knowledge that you are actually accessing your account. In fact, you might even be commended for putting in extra hours in improving your Excel skills…lolz

All you need to do is to allow the site to access your Facebook account and the deception begins.
All the logos and pictures will be replaced with words and numbers on a spreadsheet.

 Plus, the site is accessible in many companies that blocks the access to the actual Facebook page. 

However, you may need to exercise a few caution. Surfing over comments and Likes may cause some thumbnail previews to pop out. And hovering over someone’s name causes a graphic preview to be displayed.And if you want to take the excitement a step further, you can even browse through photo albums. Just keep in mind to stay vigilant though, your co-worker might catch you viewing photos and could blow your cover very soon.

For your added protection, you may activate a “BossKey”. This ingenious feature acts as an emergency kill switch. When you pressed the space bar, a serious-looking spreadsheet filled with apparently important numbers are called up.

Nevertheless, with this newfound knowledge, you can now face the workday not only working hard, but slacking smart as well.

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